Keep searching, the foundation stone of our teaching.

Part school, part laboratory, the University of Performing Arts of Western Switzerland (HETSR), or Manufacture, provides young artists with a space for creativity and experimentation, enabling them to acquire and develop the fundamentals of their craft while exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary artistic endeavour.

By bringing together under one roof courses in drama and dance, the Manufacture provides a higher education context in the field of theatre arts that is unique in French-speaking Europe. The transmission of basic knowledge and skills goes hand in hand with learning about creativity and independence thanks to modular courses consisting of lessons, seminars, and practical and experimental workshops run by internationally renowned professionals.

Through its demands and its realistic approach to the creative and performing arts, the Manufacture allows its graduates – actors, dancers, directors - to become in their turn active professionals, making their mark on the contemporary stage and guiding its evolution.

HES-SO University

An HES-SO University

The Manufacture is integrated within the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) which includes 28 universities and more than 19,000 students enrolled on 67 study programmes. It is financed by cantonal and federal contributions.

This status allows the Manufacture not only to award fully accredited Bachelor and Master degrees recognised in the Bologna system, but also to conduct research projects and offer continuing education courses in its specialist field of performing arts. It also actively encourages equality of opportunity and integration in the workplace.


Courses offer

The Manufacture offers at the moment three higher education courses :

  • 01.05.18

    01.05 - 31.05.2018

    HEP - Le théâtre du réel : pour un réalisme global

    Journée de formation HEP-VAUD pour enseignants
    animée par Milo Rau, metteur en scène
    Jeudi 31 Mai 2018, 7 heures
    Horaire : 9h - 12h30 / 14h - 17h30

  • 24.05.18

    24.05 - 07.06.2018

    Public speaking workshop

    Public speaking workshop Thursday 24 et Friday 27 May and Thursday 7 June 2018
    Registration deadline: 3 May 2018

    Coach: Jean-François Michelet

  • 25.05.18

    25.05 - 03.07.2018

    Presentation of the graduation works from the Bachelor in theatre students - promo I

    The students of the promo I present their graduation show, directed by Tiago Rodrigues : "
    "Ça ne se passe jamais comme prévu".
    After its premiere in Lisbon, at the Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II, this graduation show will be on tour in Switzerland and in France.

  • 30.05.18

    30.05 - 01.06.2018

    Workshops presentation, Bachelor in Contemporary Dance, promo C & D

    Presentation of the workshops led by Nicole Seiler with students of 1st year (promo D) and by Gabriel Schenker with students of 2nd year (promo C) of Bachelor in Contemporary Dance

  • 18.05.18


    Graduation Show - Bachelor in Contemporary Dance - promo B

    In June 2018, the students of Bachelor in Contemporary Dance, Class B, present their graduation work in tour (Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne) with a double programme signed by Fabrice Mazliah and Zoë Poluch

  • 28.04.18


    Création interdisciplinaire: "Esperluette"

    Création interdisciplinaire de Lee Maddeford et Daniel Perrin, avec les étudiants de l'HEMU (musiciens classique et jazz) et de La Manufacture (comédiens).
    Samedi 28 avril 2018 à 17h
    Concert suivi d'un apéritif.

  • 25.04.18

    25.04 - 23.05.2018

    Public speaking workshop

    Public speaking workshop Wednesday 25, Thursday 26 May and Wednesday 23 May 2018
    Registration deadline: 5 May 2018

    Coach: Jean-François Michelet

  • 20.04.18


    Preparing a speech workshop

    Thematic worskhop led by journalist Nathalie Randin
    Friday 20 April 2018
    Registration deadline: 30 March 2018