The Manufacture approaches courses in theatre and dance from a perspective of research and creativity.

Students on different courses, practitioners, artists, researchers and tutors work on a single site, a place where ideas and practice come together and where the performing arts are viewed from a contemporary and multi-disciplinary standpoint.

The school’s multidisciplinary approach is reflected in each of its missions: degree and continuing education courses are led by tutors from different fields; artistic research explores projects in partnership with institutions and researchers in Switzerland and abroad; the activities centre proposes a wide range of services focused on the performing arts.


The Manufacture welcomed its first budding actors to Lausanne in September 2003, through the doors of the former precious-stone cutting factory after which it is named.

Founded by Switzerland’s French-speaking cantons and the francophone part of the canton of Berne, the Manufacture joined the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) in 2006. It then developed the missions of a higher education establishment: degrees, continuing education, applied research and service provision. Since 2009, it has offered Bachelor and Master degrees recognised at a European level.

In 2011 the State of Vaud also entrusted to the Manufacture vocational training for the new Federal Certificate of Capacity (CFC) in technical professions in the performing arts, overseen by the professional association ARTOS.

Following on from the Bachelor degree in drama focused on actor training, in September 2012 the Manufacture launched a Master in Drama with the emphasis on stage direction, in conjunction with the Master-Campus-Theatre network which brings together Swiss drama schools in Berne, Zurich, Lausanne and Verscio.

In September 2014, a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance was inaugurated. The first of its kind in Switzerland, it is run in collaboration with Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and in partnership with P.A.R.T.S in Brussels and the University of Berne.

The Manufacture is therefore the only university in French-speaking Europe to offer degree courses in dance and theatre on a single site.

The Manufacture plans in the future to extend its reach to choreography, dramaturgy, scenography and theatre education, thus becoming a true francophone centre for the performing arts and professions.

Foundation Board

The Manufacture - University of Performing Arts of Western Switzerland is incorporated as a foundation under private law.


Martine Brunschwig Graf
Ancienne Conseillère d’Etat et ancienne Conseillère nationale - Genève, Présidente du Conseil d’orientation stratégique de la HES-SO Genève


Philippe Trinchan
Chef du service de la culture, Canton de Fribourg 


Lionel Baier, réalisateur, membre de Bande à Part Films, responsable du département cinéma de l’ECAL (Membre du Bureau)

Aline Delacrétaz, directrice adjointe du service de la culture de l’Etat de Genève

Jean Liermier, directeur du Théâtre de Carouge, représentant de l’UTR - Union des Théâtres romands

Olivier Moeschler, sociologue, chercheur, Université de Lausanne

Chantal Ostorero, cheffe de service de l’enseignement supérieur du Canton de Vaud 

Anne Papilloud, Secrétaire générale du Syndicat Suisse romand du spectacle

Luciana Vaccaro, Rectrice de la HES-SO



Frédéric Plazy

Sarah Neumann
General secretary (in maternity leave) 
+41 21 557 41 60

Laurence Pidoux
Executive secretary
+41 21 557 41 61

HES Missions

Frédéric Plazy
Academic Head of the Bachelor in Theatre
+41 21 557 41 60

Delphine Rosay
Coordinator of the Bachelor in Theatre
+41 21 557 41 71

Robert Cantarella
Academic Head of the Master in Theatre
+41 21 557 41 70

Jonas Beausire
Coordination Master Théâtre
+41 21 557 41 70

Thomas Hauert
Artistic Head of the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance
+41 21 557 41 72

Gabriel Schenker
Academic Head of the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance

Richard Afonso

Coordination Bachelor Contemporary Dance +41 21 557 41 72

Yvane Chapuis
Head of the Research Department
+41 21 557 41 78

Fanny Haussauer
Assistant to the Research Department
+41 21 557 41 79

Anne-Pascale Mittaz
Head of the Continuing Education & Services Department 

Valetine Lugrin
Continuing Education & Services Department
+41 21 557 41 74

Vocational training

Claude Parrat
Head of the Vocational training course for Stage technicians
+41 21 557 41 80

Nathalie Berseth
Secretary to the Vocational training course for Stage technicians
+41 21 557 41 81


Marion Grossiord
Communications & partnerships Manager

Constance von Braun
Communications & partnerships Assistant

Sonia Spinello
+41 21 557 41 65

Céline Matthey
Accounting Assistant
+41 21 557 41 60

Samuel Bezençon
Administrative & HR Assistant
+4121 557 41 66

Elise Chappuis
Administrative Assistant 

Christophe Jaquet
+41 21 557 41 69


Nicolas Berseth
Technical Director
+41 21 557 41 64

Ian Lecoultre
+41 21 557 41 75

Robin Dupuis
+41 21 557 41 76

Robin Friderici
I.T. Specialist
+41 21 557 41 83

Kaled Mohamed Ali
+41 21 557 41 77

Karim Ghersallah
Janitor & bar manager

+41 21 557 41 77

Céline Ribeiro
Stage technician apprentice
+41 21 557 41 77

Leutrim Dacaj
Costume-maker intern


The Manufacture offers a magnificent working environment within the former industrial complex that was previously the Golay-Buchel factory, rue du Grand-Pré 3-5, Lausanne.

The school, originally installed on two floors at number 5, has gradually expanded in the course of its development and, since September 2015 with the opening up of new premises at number 3, benefits from a floor space of 4,416 square metres on which to deploy its different activities.

At present the school offers:

  • A 228 m2 auditorium with 110 tiered seats
  • A 132 m2 performance hall with Harlequin dance floor and 50 tiered seats
  • A research laboratory
  • A library open to the public
  • 4 rehearsal rooms for dancers with Harlequin dance floor
  • 5 rehearsal rooms for actors and producers
  • 4 classrooms and meeting rooms
  • A cafeteria for students
  • A reception area for the public
  • A technical and joinery workshop
  • A wardrobe room
  • News


    Auditions 2018: register now!

    Registrations to the auditions are open ! Do not miss the deadline for the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance !

    - Bachelor in Contemporary Dance: deadline 14 February
    - Bachelor Théâtre: deadline 14 March
    - Master Théâtre: deadline 7 March

  • News


    Job offer

    The Manufacture is looking for a referent teacher of scenography within the Master Theater department (20%)
    deadline for application: 8 march 2018

  • 27.02.18

    27.02 - 06.03.2018

    Public speaking workshop

    Public speaking workshop Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 February and Tuesday 6 March 2018
    Coach: Alain Borek
    Registration deadline: 6 February 2018

  • 28.02.18

    28.02 - 01.03.2018

    Promo-B, Bachelor Dance Works

    The students of promo B will present their Bachelors works in contemporary dance, as duet or solo, on Wednesday 28 February and Thursday 1st March 2018.

  • 07.03.18

    07.03 - 08.03.2018

    HEP - L’écriture dramatique comme écriture de l’oralité

    Journée de formation HEP-VAUD pour enseignants
    animée par Noëlle Renaude, auteure et enseignante régulière à la Manufacture
    Mercredi 7 et jeudi 8 mars 2018 / 14 heures
    Horaire : 9h - 12h30 / 14h - 17h30

  • 14.03.18

    14.03 - 25.03.2018

    Programme Commun 2018

    Manufacture takes part in Programme Commun, hosting Simone Aughterlony, Rodrigo Garcia and Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protocole)

  • 19.03.18

    19.03 - 29.03.2018

    Atelier pro: Auto-fiction / être auteur interprète de sa propre histoire

    par Jonathan Capdevielle, metteur en scène, comédien, marionnettiste, ventriloque et danseur.
    En partenariat avec l’Arsenic, dans le cadre du festival Programme Commun.

    - Dates: du lundi 19 au jeudi 29 mars 2018 (relâche le 25 mars 2018) / 60 heures

  • 21.03.18

    21.03 - 23.03.2018

    Public presentation of the solos, Bachelor Dance - promo D

    The students of Bachelor in Contemporary Dance - promo D - will present their solos of 1st year in public, on 20 and 21 March 2018