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    Lou Ciszewski

    Born in 1995 in Paris, Lou Ciszewski studied Philosophy and English Literature at the University of Geneva. She continued her studies by joining the CAS in Dramaturgy at The Manufacture in 2017, then the Master's degree in Theatre -Directing orientation the following year.

    She began writing and directing with her first play "Le Code Blanc" in 2015. She then collaborated with the association Stop Suicide on the occasion of a performance in 2016. In 2018 she creates "Carré Rond", a multidisciplinary show in which she applies a process of "joint writing".

    Lou works as an assistant director with Yvan Rihs, staging Samuel Beckett and Jérôme Richer's contemporary writing; but also with Pierre Naftule and Blaise Bersinger who immerse her into the worlds of humour and musicals.

    At The Manufacture, she attends the work of Oscar Gómez Mata and develops an affinity for the acting dynamics of jesters.

    For her graduation work, she engaged in research into rhythm and chose to adapt William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" into a musical.


      Lou Ciszewski

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