Cost of living

Tuition and fees

Candidates admitted at the end of the probationary internship period are required to pay both the registration fee (CHF 150) and semi-annual tuition fee (CHF 500 x 2 per year). Registration and tuition fee amounts are set out by the Regulation on fees of the HES-SO.

Cost of living

Food costs are a minimum CHF 600.- per month. Accommodation costs are an average CHF 750.- per month. You should budget approximately 1'300.- minimum to 2'400 for housing, foods, health and accident insurance, transport and clothes and personal items.

At the beginning of a student’s studies, a number of expenses will have to be paid at the same time, including, for example: 

  •  1 (scholastic) term’s worth of health insurance a registration fee of 150 CHF 
  • tuition fees to cover the first semester 
  •  the first month’s rent, often including a guarantee deposit 
  •  the invoice from Residents’ Registration Office ("contrôle des habitants et bureau des étrangers") of your commune of residence