Guest Lecturer

BAD-E Physiotherapist

    Thomas Richter

    Thomas Richter has been a physiotherapist for a decade and discovered thaï yoga massage four years ago.

    Physiotherapy brought him the first knowledge and the framework and in thaï massage, he discovered the diversity of how one can use bodyweight, as well as how to seek for the the most beneficial posture, two basics principles that allow one to be in care for itself, and bring a high quality of care. He is very enthusiastic to share both practices.

    Thomas is currently working in Geneva, as an independant in a studio oriented for dancers. On the futon mat, physio table and with reeducation exercises, he has the will for listeninnig, care, precision and support to give the body the availibility for a change.

    Parallel to his professionnal practice, he experiments with contemporary dance classes in which he seeks for more fluidity within. As well as swimming, he is a mountain lover.


    +41 79 836 00 66