BA-Dance · Promo D : Graduation Show, A Dance Climax by Mathilde Monnier

    The students of the 4th promotion of the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance present their graduation show, A Dance Climax, created by the French choreographer Mathilde Monnier.

    Due to the exceptional situation related to the COVID-19, the creation of the show took place online for two and a half months, and the artistic residency in Barcelona and the tour initially planned had to be cancelled.

    When the Haute école was able to reopen on 8 June, Mathilde Monnier and the students were finally able to create a piece based on the materials developed in their rooms, corridors and gardens. Extraordinary not only in its genesis, it highlights the astonishing complicity of a group intimately bonded by three years of common experience, as well as the pronounced singularity of each individual, which was particularly solicited by the time of autonomous research in confinement.

    Originally a research project on air as a common good but also as a space of exploitation, in the current context this creation further allows a reflection on touch and proximity. The show was presented to a limited audience at the end of June in the La Manufacture auditorium.


    Mathilde Monnier

    With class D students from the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance:
    Zacharie Bordier, Hortense de Boursetty, Colline Cabanis, Queenie Fernandes, Milo Gravat, Délia Krayenbuhl, Gabriel Obergfell, Ludovico Paladini, Fabio Zoppelli

    Assistant choreographer
    Simon Wehrli

    Ian Lecoultre, Céline Ribeiro

    La Manufacture, Haute école des arts de la scène

    Aline Paley