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    According to the concept proposed by the geography of ghosts, tomasons designate objects in the urban landscape that have lost their function and have thus become anachronistic.

    Conducted in 2021 by stage director and actor Sarah Calcine and geographer Florian Opillard, with the help of three actors, a dramaturg and a choreographer, the project aimed to observe, collect and question the anachronisms of the built environment through interviews, testimonies, mental maps, letters and stories.

    Attempting to combine the tools of social geography investigation and those of actor's direction, the research has allowed to collect the memories of a certain number of past and present social groups of the Saint-Gervais district in Geneva (Switzerland) and to propose a theatrical writing.

    Photo : Sarah Calcine


    Sarah Calcine , metteure en scène (diplômée Manufacture 2015)
    Florian Opillard, géographe

    Géraldine Chollet, chorégraphe (intervenante Manufacture)
    Claire De Ribaupierre, dramaturge (intervenante Manufacture)
    Bartek Sozanski, comédien, assistant d'enseignement et de recherche
    Lisa Veyrier, comédienne, assistante d'enseignement et de recherche
    Danae Dario, comédienne
    Audrey Bersier, artiste sonore

    Sharing of Results


    CALCINE Sarah, OPILLARD Florian, “Collecting, writing and performing urban nostalgias/ Looking for tomasons in Saint-Gervais, Geneva”, Justice spatiale | Spatial Justice, 18, 2023.

    CALCINE Sarah, OPILLARD Florian, « Dériver pour enquêter. Les tomasons et l'écriture théâtrale de la nostalgie », in Journal de la recherche n°3, janvier 2022, pp. 8-10.

    Présentations publiques

    Du 5 au 7 novembre 2021
    CALCINE Sarah, OPILLARD Florian, Performance au Théâtre Saint Gervais, Genève.

    Enrichissement de la carte sonore / archive vivante

    Atelier de transmission pour les étudiants du Master mise en scène de La Manufacture les 3, 4 et 5 avril 2023, puis du 17 au 21 avril 2023.