BA-Dance · Class F : Collective Projects

    The class F students of the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance presented their 2nd year collective stage creations.

    The Collective Projects are one of the three main stages of independent work that punctuate the Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance. The exercise marks the second year of training for students and consists of creative work in groups of three or four, under the eye of a guest artist. This year, the students of the F class benefited from the vision and experience of the Italian dancer Federica Porello.

    All the creations were presented twice to the public, the first time on Wednesday February 16 and the second time on Thursday February 17 at 7pm.


    Bari melo a bàki
    with Jessica Allemann, Alina Arshi, Meggie Malou Blankschyn, Mel Damianaki, Emma Salomé Perez

    The leftovers of some planet
    with Virginie Alessandroni, Tristan Richon, Natasha Vuletic

    Kitsch ta vie
    with Jamila Baioia, Giulia Fabbri, Timéa Lador, Jade Parmentier, Robinson Starck

    The class F students were accompanied by
    Federica Porello, guest choreographer
    Laura Gaillard, HES assistant
    Nicolas Berseth, technical director
    Emile de Gautard, technician

    Pictures © Gregory Batardon