Comédie de Genève
05.05.24 Comédie de Genève

    BA-Dance · Promo H : Territoires of Mathilde Monnier

    On Sunday 5 May, there will be two performances of Mathilde Monnier's Territoires at the Comédie de Genève. This will be an opportunity to see the students in the H year of the Bachelor's programme in Comporary Dance, strolling through the theatre in the steps of the renowned choreographer.

    Sunday 5 May, 2.30pm then 5.30pm 

    Mathilde Monnier has taken over every nook and cranny of the Comédie for a two-dimensional tour: through space, the gigantic and recent theatre, and through time, the 30 years she has devoted to dance. Encountering the choreographer's emblematic solos and duets, we explore her eclectic and singular territories. Mathilde Monnier's repertoire is given new impetus and meaning.


    • 11.05.24

      11.05 - 30.09.2024

      Prog·20 ans : "20 ans." performance

      20 Years Programme —
      Performance by Mathilde Monnier with La Manufacture graduates

    • 31.05.24

      31.05 - 01.06.2024

      MA-Théâtre · promotion 2023 : Théorème

      Les étudiant·es du Master Théâtre réalisent leurs créations de 1re année à La Comédie de Genève.

    • 03.09.24

      03.09 - 06.09.2024

      MA-Théâtre : OUT 11

      Les étudiant·es metteur·es en scène et scénographes de la 11e volée du Master Théâtre présentent leurs créations scéniques de fin d'études durant les 4 soirées de OUT.

    • 07.09.24


      20th anniversary party

      20 years programme —
      A festive evening open to all, organised in partnership with the Association Les Artisan-x-es de La Manufacture.