28.10.19 Manufacture

    2019 Graduation Ceremony

    The official graduation ceremony will take place on 28 October 2019.

    This year, three of the three courses of study offered at La Manufacture, Bachelor in Contemporary Dance, Bachelor Theater and Master Theater have completed their studies.

    Actors of the J promotion of the Bachelor Theater will receive their diplomas after three intensive years that concluded, with the company Motus, by the creation of their graduation show, Rip it up and start again, at the Comedy of Geneva, creation followed by a tour in Switzerland, Italy and France.

    The dancers of the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance will also receive their Bachelor's Degrees after a 3rd year marked by the creation and the tour in Switzerland and Finland of their graduation show with a double program choreographed by Elina Pirinen and David Zambrano .

    During their last year, the stage directors of the Master Theater worked hard on their stage creations presented during Out 6 in September 2019.

    The CFC Techniscéniste apprentices, of which La Manufacture is the vocational school, will be celebrated at the ceremony on October 28th.

    The winner of the HES-SO Music and Performing Arts Prize will also be honored at this evening. The first prize allows newly graduated young students to continue the development of a creation project already initiated.


    • 31.05.22

      31.05 - 22.07.2022

      BA-Theatre · Class L : EN FINIR !

      Les étudiant·es de 3e année du Bachelor Théâtre, promotion L, présentent leur spectacle de fin d'études lors d'une tournée en Suisse et en France.