BA-Théâtre · Promo M : Atelier avec Bastien Semenzato

    The students of the Bachelor Theatre, class M, worked with Bastien Semenzato on how to "Tell the tragedy (of) today".

    To question a scenic space.
    To question a way of being on stage.
    To question a way of speaking to make our current myths heard.
    Those carried by the young adults of class M.


    Workshop directed by Bastien Semenzato, assisted by Aurélien Gschwind

    Music : Andrès Garcia
    Coaching : Karine Guignard

    With the students of the Bachelor in Theatre class M Eve Aouizerate, Martin Bruneau, Luna Desmeules, Mehdi Djouad, Hugo Hamel, Maelle Heritier, Araksan Laisney, Liona Lutz, Mathilde Lyon, Elisa Oliveira, Adrien Pierre, Dylan Poletti, Pierre Ripoll, Danial Seyed Aboudi, Léo Zagagnoni, Kenza Zourdani

    Photos : Aline Paley