On tour
On tour

    BA-Dance · Class F : Graduation show – S. Sanchis & A. Söderberg

    The students of class F present their graduation show, a program in two parts, each composed of an original creation of 30 to 40 minutes.

    On the occasion of the centenary of Stravinsky's work, the Spanish choreographer Salva Sanchis proposes a choreographic score of The Wedding, inspired by what this work, which tells the story of a peasant wedding in four tableaux, evokes for him: music, tradition, family, freedom, restraint, joy, duty, rehearsal, dance, nature, family, culture, family, rehearsal, dance, music, the past, futurism, feminism.

    Dance and music also come together in Alma Söderberg's creation Piece of ensemble, in which the dancers use both their voices and their bodies to compose the score accompanying their respective paths. Layered with polyrhythm, syncopation and lyrical and melodic explorations, both visual and auditory, this choreography is constructed in such a way as to create an ensemble that becomes a verb, a way of doing, where the individual and the group become equally necessary to the creative composition.

    The choreographic creation of The Wedding will take place during a four-week residency in Barcelona, under the direction of choreographer Salva Sanchis, as part of the creation of the graduation show of the students of the Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance, class F, whose first performance will take place at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, and will then go on tour in Switzerland, France and Belgium. The show will open with Alma Söderberg's creation Piece of ensemble.


    Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona (ES)
    Fri 2 & Sat 3 June 2023

    Pavillon de l'ADC Genève (CH)
    Wed 7 & Thu 8 June 2023

    JUNE EVENTS — festival of Atelier de Paris / CDCN (FR)
    Sat 10 June 2023

    Charleroi danse, Bruxelles (BE)
    Thu 15 & Fri 16 June 2023

    Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne (CH)
    Wed 21, Thu 22 & Fri 23 June 2023

    Théâtre du Jorat, Mezières (CH)
    Special evening with the HEMU orchestra
    Sun 2 July 2023

    Tanzhaus Zurich (CH)
    Thu 6 & Fri 7 July 2023

    The creation and touring of this show was made possible thanks to the support of the Fondation Françoise Champoud and the Music and Performing Arts domain of the HES-SO.


    Salva Sanchis, Alma Söderberg

    Assistant choreographer and tour manager
    Audrey Dionis

    With the students from the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance, class F : Jessica Allemann, Alina Arshi, Jamila Baioia, Meggie Blankschyn, Mel Damianaki, Giulia Fabbri, Timéa Lador, Emma Perez, Tristan Richon, Robinson Starck, Natasha Vuletic

    Light design : Nicolas Berseth
    Light control : Justine Bouillet
    Sound design and control : Ian Lecoultre
    Costumes : Jesus Moreno

    Music : Igor Stravinsky – The Wedding

    Note of intent Alma Söderberg

    Piece d’ensemble is a work that explores being together through sound and movement. It is a piece of ensemble as opposed to a piece for ensemble, it’s a piece that makes an ensemble take shape in front of the audience, as the performers create both the music and the dance by using their voices and bodies. It is a piece where togetherness is never taken for granted but constantly explored as a possibility or impossibility. Rhythm, song and dance become the tools to do this.

    Note of intent Salva Sanchis

    This is an inside-out, bottom-up choreography, born again every night from the performers’ deep knowledge of the music and the sum of their individual compositional decisions, which are planned but can change from performance to performance. This is, at least, 11 choreographies splashed on stage, spontaneously sliding, colliding and rubbing against each other. 11 out of the infinite versions of a possible choreography to this music. It is also, and maybe ultimately, an incapsulated physical projection of our most familiar and challenging practice as humans: being together alone, being alone together.